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Date: Thursday 5th July 2018

Hop South are off to the Drum Theatre in Dandenong to see 3 Speed Crunch Box Rebooted performed by a world touring energetic stunt comedy group called Dislocate. With impressive aerobatics, spectacular circus tricks and laugh out loud stupidity in this side-splitting slapstick comedy, it promises to be an entertaining afternoon! Lunch before the show will be at the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens.

Venue: Drum Theatre, corner Lonsdale and Walker streets Dandenong and
Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, Corner of Ballarto Rd & Botanic Drive, Cranbourne

Cost: $53.10

What to Bring:
- Lunch, snacks and drink bottle
- Medication form/booklet and medication
- Anaphylaxis/Epilepsy Action Plans
- Raincoat/umbrella in case of bad weather
Note: Please leave electronics at home...

NDIS Benefits & Outcomes:
- Meeting new people and developing friendships
- Social participation in the community
- Increase your capacity to access your local community
- Development of your life and independent living skills
- Improve and develop your communication skills
- Opportunity to access new activities and try new things
- Self care for carers and participants

Note: Please ensure you inform Interchange Gippsland of any changes to you/your child’s support needs, including medications, behaviours etc.
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