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Date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

Join your HOP South friends on the hunt for dinosaur fossils and discover what dinosaurs used to roam in Bass Coast! An expert palaeontologist will show you a dinosaur footprint, earthquake fault lines and petrified trees from the dinosaur age. Rock breaking hammers supplied. Then explore the Shell Museum and Bunurong Environment Centre.

Venue: Bunurong Environment Centre - Cnr Ramsey Bvd & The Esplanade Inverloch VIC

Cost: $13.30

What to Bring:
- Medication Booklet & Medication
- Anaphylaxis/Epilepsy Action Plans
- Lunch, Snacks & Drink Bottle
- Torch for cave exploration
- Sturdy shoes for walking on slippery rocks
- Appropriate beach & Sunsmart clothing as it can be very hot or very cold
Note: Please leave electronics at home

NDIS Benefits & Outcomes:
- Meeting new people and developing friendships
- Social participation in the community
- Increase your capacity to access your local community
- Development of your life and independent living skills
- Improve and develop your communication skills
- Opportunity to access new activities and try new things
- Self care for carers and participants

Note: Please ensure you inform Interchange Gippsland of any changes to you/your child’s support needs, including medications, behaviours etc.
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