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Date: Saturday 20th January 2018

Friendship Group Latrobe are heading to Inverloch Beach for a fun filled day of splashing in the water and sand castle building. PLUS fish and chips for lunch at the park...

Venue: Inverloch Beach
Cost: FREE

What to Bring:
- Medication booklet (if needed)
- Lunch money (approx $15)
- Drink Bottle & snacks
- Hat, sunscreen, beach towel & insect repellent
- Bathers or shorts to swim in
- Clean change of clothes

NDIS Benefits & Outcomes:
- Meeting new people and developing friendships
- Social participation in the community
- Meet new people and develop friendships
- Increase your capacity to access your local community
- Development of your life and independent living skills
- Improve and develop your communication skills
- Opportunity to access new activities and try new things
- Self care for carers and participants
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